My Top Spring/summer lipsticks!


Hey guys, I hope you had a great day :)

This evening I will show you my four favourite lipstick for the warmer and happier seasons.

The first one (top left) is by Mac it's called "Flamingo". In the tube it can show off a little bit scary, because it look like a bright (almost) neon colour. But when you apply it onto your lips it looks really soft and natural. It also last really long so it's good for work. That's why Flamingo is in my top four lipsticks.

"Rouge Coco Shine 87 Rendez-vous" by Chanel is a really natrual floral pink tone which I would describe as a "my lips but better shade" if you know what I mean 😅 the only negative thing I can say about this product is that smells like a typical old lipstick and it doesn't last as long as flamingo but I love the colour and the shiny finish outweighs all the other things.  

On the bottom left there is a lipstick I was kinda critical about when I first tried it. Because this lipstick has a very strong blue tone to it and I would only use it if you're more on the paler side because it looks kinda strange on more tanned or darker skin tones. But on the other hand I think it gives you a really nice springy girly look with shimmery lips. To the name of it, it's called "Rouge Allure 94 Extatique" and it's also by Chanel. (I Love my Chanel lipsticks 😍)

My absolute favourite lipstick for summer is Macs "Girl About Town" (bottom right) it's a bright almost neon pink colour. Yes, this lipstick is a little bit daring but no I'm not scared of bright coloured lipstick. 
What's also really cool about this product is, that it kind of stains the lips so it's really long lasting but still shiny it's just perfect. 😍
I'm absolutely in love with it and you should give it a go this summer. 

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