April Favourites


Hiii guys, :)
I can't believe April is already over! Whaaaat?
I guess time flys when you're busy and got stuff to do. But now I welcome May, one of my favourite months of the year. Looking back on April, it was a strange month, a lot of work to do the weather was sometimes warm then cold suddenly it began to snow which left me of course with a terrible cold. But...
April got me also a lot of new favorites, so this is going to be a long post. ...Which is the topic of my new blog post. ...If you haven't read the headline yet. ;)

So let's begin with the first one it is the L'oreal nail polish in 220 dimanche aprés-midi it's a really cute and natural baby pink, which is in a really beautiful packaging (Picture). Even though I really love the colour I have to say that it takes ages to dry I probably sat there for 20 minutes for one coat and that's a lot for me. But what makes it to a favourite of mine is that it lasts really long and has a really gorgeous finish to it -not to shiny but shiny-.

I have rediscovered the next two products which are the L'oreal true match (or perfect match here in germany) foundation and the too faced chocolate bar palette. Let's begin with the foundation, I already owned one of those. Unfortunately I picked up the wrong colour so it was way too dark for me, even when I got a tan in summer it still was too dark and orange. But now I finally found the right shade and I'm absolutely in love with it. It leaves a really nice and natural finish, also it lasts very long if you set it with a powder or a spray. And what I appreciate the most about this product is that it doesn't feel sticky on my face.
Moving on to the Too faced Chocolate Bar Palette I know it's not the newest palette and everybody already has one at home. But I recently found it again and I still love it like the first time I used it. You can do sooo many different makeup looks with it, from day to night from no makeup to I want everybody to see I wear makeup. The palette also smells like chocolate! Its incredible it smells like Kinder chocolate!

One of the things I really loved throughout April was the Katy Perry Killer Queen Spring Reign Perfume it's like the perfect spring fragrance it's floral, girly and pink! One problem I have with it is that it doesn't last a very long time. But for the price it's pretty good, so good that I wanna check out all the other Katy Perry fragrances maybe I will find another one as lovely as this one.

For around half a year I'm completely obsessed with books. I read like 30 books in 8 months. Maybe I will do my top 5 favourite books soon -I mean summer is coming and one does need books to sunbath ;)-. This month I found a really cute book it's called A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. It's about Lea and Gabe. Everybody can see that they are in love but they can't. Gabe is really shy and doesn't talk much which makes Lea feel like he isn't interested. The story is written in many perspectives for example their room mates, teacher, friends and even a squirrel share their view on Lea and Gabe and how they fall in love.
This book is really well written, funny and ideal for a lazy summer tanning day. :)

NOW GUYS! I'll show you my those to things I couldn't live without this month, I literally carried them around 24/7. And they are my new Michael Kors bag. I'm so sorry to tell you that I can't find the name of it. 🙁 It's so cute, what's so special about it is that it looks really small but you can put everything in there and everything will fit. But I think it isn't available anymore. I got it from an outlet The other "I can't live without" item is my Tiffany necklace I got it for my birthday last month and I wore it everyday since. I dreamed of it for like a year but always hesitated to buy it because I didn't want to spend 170€ on a necklace but it was worth every Euro.
I'm so in love with those two things. 

So that's been all of my April favourites I know it's a long post but I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment or follow me on my Instagram. 😊💐 

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