May Favourites!


Hi guys,
I'm sorry that I didn't post very much lately, it's been a really busy time. Lots of exams and studying but now I can breath a little and can focus more on my blog again.
IT'S JUNE! Where did this half year go? And now it's summer again although the weather isn't that summery at the moment. who cares...
 it doesn't have to be hot and sunny. I love my rainy days. :)

But now let's talk about my may favourites. :)

The first one is like my new holy grail product, I used it almost everytime I've showered. It's the "treacle moon - One Ginger Morning" and it's so refreshing especiallly after exercising or a long day at work. I've talked about treacle moon in a earlier post and it's still one of my favourite brands.
This shower gel smells like a mixture of ginger and lemon, also it leaves a hint of that smell on your skin. For more of this brand check out my previous post. :)

This awesome product follows a perfume which I think almost every woman owns. 😄
It's "Chanel - Mademoiselle". Although everybody uses it, It's absolutely one of my favourite scents ever. I thought about buying it for a long long time and finally got it. Mademoiselle is the perfect scent for a sophisticated and feminine woman. It's floral but also strong in the end, that makes it a really good fragrance for summer or even an evening event for example a date. :)

At the moment I'm absolutely in love with Essie nail polishes. In May I've worn mostly these two shades which are "fiji" & "exotic liras". Fiji is just a really gorgeous light pink shade that looks really clean and polished. Although I absolutely love the colour it takes a few coats to look even on my nails. But when it finally does it just looks perfectly, also it lasts a long time without breaking. "Exotic liras" is a pinky red nail polish and it's just simply one of my favourite of all time it looks perfect even after a single coat and last up to 5 days (On my nails at least ;) ).

About "Lush's - 9 to 5" cleanser I've already talked about. It's fantastic my skin has gotten so much better since I'm using this. What's really good about it as well is that it doesn't dry out my face like other cleansers my skin just feels sooo much softer and fresher. And to be honest lush is never a bad choice it has natural ingredients, isn't that expensive, it's completely cruelty free and everything does work really well.

The last two things are makeup products and they are the "too faced- sweethearts in candy glow blush" and the "essence- 01 nude eyeshadow palette". I love them both because they go so well together. With the blush you get a nice rose healthy glow and with the eyeshadow palette -which has six different shades in it most of them are pinks (Perfect for making blue eyes pop)- you can do a lot stunning looks. I's great for day and night and you always look girly with it. Another pro of this palette is that it's only about 3€.

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