July Favourites


Today I will show you those things I have been loving in July.

There are a few products I won't tell you in detail about, because I'm doing another post more detailed about it.

Enjoyyy. :)

The first thing is a book, it's called "After You" and it's by Jojo Moyes. I've been waiting for this book since I read "Me before you" like two years ago. I think it was published a while ago, but I recently discovered it completely randomly. It tells how Lou is coping with Will's death and if she finds somebody to love and trust ever again.

The next thing I really did fancy in July is the "Fittea Protection" tea. And yes I drink tea in summer, also when it's hot outside. I really love that tea it's really minty and tastes and smells really fresh. Also it helps really well if you have a clocked nose -which I almost have the whole summer-. I do really enjoy it but it's kinda pricy for a tea it costs about 9.99€ on their website.

Now, let's get to the beauty stuff, first of all I purchased a blush from Catrice. It's called .... and there're three different shades in it on is a rosy pink which is matte, the one in the middle is a peachy summer shade with gold shimmer in it and the last one of the is a pale peach tone and in my opinion it's more a highlighter shade than a blush. All three of them have good quality and a good colour pay off, which is awesome for only 4.99€.

About the other makeup item I don't want to tell too much, since I'm doing a more detailed post about it. I will just quickly say that it's the "YSL Encre de Peau" foundation in the shade B20

Now I only have three products left, they are all hair products. The first one is the "Alterna Kendi Dry Oil Mist". It's in a spray bottle, which is a huge plus for me because I don't have to put it in my hands. You have to spray it in your damp/ towel dry hair and then comb through. Bamboo makes your hair feel so soft and nourished, but it's also more on the pricy side for hair care products I think it's around 25€ for a small bottle.

I heard about the following product from a friend of mine, she then gave me hers to try it out. I just say after a week I ran into the drugstore and bought my own haha. The product I'm talking about is the "Aussie Miracle Conditioner". The Aussie products are in general a life saver when it comes to hair but this one is my holy grail product of the month. It saved my hair from completely breakage after bleaching it way too often. Further more it has an amazing price and it smells really good, too.
For me personally the winner of the month.

And finally the last piece I loved this month a lot. The "L'oreal Elvital hair oil" I have the one for dry hair -I have really dry hair- and I apply two pumps of it almost everyday before I go to bed or when I used heat on them, because it leaves them so shiny and not oily at all. The next positiv thing is that it smells good but not overwhelming or heavy. The only thing is that I think for someone with naturally oily hair it won't work really well.

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