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Sooo it's the time of the year, where everyone has to go back to school again. And it's also the time of the year where everyone just can't seem to get out of bed or find motivation.

I had exactly the same problem when I was in school, I couldn't find the motivation to study, suddenly the first tests and exams came and I had to get out of that rut and I made it with (mainly because) those tips and little tricks I will show you in a second.

I thought to help you get into that "back to school studying mode" I'll do a little series with helpful things and tricks on school issues. If you have any topics you want me to make a post about just comment here or on my instagram.

But now enjoy getting motivated! 😉

1. Clear space clear mind

I think that's a phrase which is actually true. The clearer your desk, room, flat or wherever you're studying is, the less you can get distracted and the more you can concentrate on your work.
So before you study, clean everything and just lay out those things you need for that subject.

2. Music

If you want to study efficiently you shouldn't listen to music while studying. But I don't know if I'm the only one but I can't fully concentrate in silence, so what I did was, I searched on YouTube for "piano music" or pretty basic "study music". That's basically only music without lyrics. I think that's a lot better than just silence. Another point for this music is it really calms your mind so maybe if you're also feeling a bit anxious about the exam, that will probably help you.

3. Food/Drinks

It is really important to drink enough water or tea -sometimes coffee- while studying because your brain and all cells in your body need water to function. Also it's really important to eat as well, BUT stay healthy because you maybe crave junk food but that is definitely nothing your body needs, instead try mixing different nuts or fruits together, those really get your brain to work. ;)

4. Find Motivation

It has always helped me to look at pictures on We heart It, there are a lot of collection of pictures which can really motivate you to study (maybe I'm the only person whups).

5. Sum it up!

With collect I mean you should mark the most important things in your text and write them down on a paper. So you can memorize it better you should write it in colour and sum it up in your own language, because you are more likely to keep things in mind when they have a bright colour and/or are in your own words.

6. Explain it to someone

And the most important tipp -at least in my opinion- is to explain your stuff to someone. If you can get others to understand it, then you can be sure that you are ready for the test.
It's as easy as it sounds just tell your mom, dad, sister, brother, friends or even if you don't have somebody else you can tell your pet.

And if those tipps can't help you, you should at least try to get a good cheat sheet! ;)

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